Sunday, January 30, 2011


I began a doodling adventure today.  I love this site.

Stephanie is a creative and inspirational person. 
I love her doodles so I thought I would give doodling, a try. 
 She offers a “class” and I signed up.
This will totally be out of my comfort zone of perfection. 
So first she had me just color a doodle she created. 
Easy right? 
It took every ounce of energy not to look at her final
product to see how it “should” be done. 
Here is what I colored.
I thought it ironic that the title of her doodle was "Just Be". 
A young lady once said to me, “I want to JUST BE.” 
It is my prayer that one day
 she will just be all of these things in the doodle and so much more!