Friday, March 4, 2011

Closet and Frames

It is week #9 over at:

Laura spoke about what is our “good enough” for our homes.  Go check out the rest of what she has to say about the subject.

1. Do you know what your “good enough” is? I have different levels of “good enough”. For the main floor I like it to be clutter free, clear surfaces, basically ready for visitors at any time. The kid’s rooms I have learned to close the door. But I do expect them to keep it sanitary (no food experiments, bathrooms clean…)

2. What did you organize this week? This week I cleaned our game closet. I more or less took out all the outgrown games. They are going to families that still have little kiddos. We still have a ton of puzzles, but I think when we are true empty nesters we will be doing them a lot more.

3. Are there areas you are struggling with in this challenge? N/A

We are trying to downsize so we can move to
 a smaller home someday.  So this week I hit the game closet. 
We are addicted to PUZZES!
I took out all the games that are no longer used. 
I plan to give these to families with younger children. 
Now it looks like this:

I kept a few toys incase a family with young kids stop by. 
So basically it left us with all our puzzles. 
We go in phases on how much we do them. 
I may widdle that collection down again before we move.

The next thing I finished this week is
doing something with these.

I spray painted them all black. 
I ordered some of my favorite flower pictures. 
( I love taking pictures of flowers!) 
I found some cheap mats and made some of my own. 
I needed some glass too. 
So I went to ACE Hardware and they
cut me some pieces for real cheap!
  I put them into our guest room. 
I think they look great.


Anonymous said...

I love your wall of flower pictures.

Grandma Becky said...

Love your photographs of flowers. I am going to get some of my photography printed up, matte and frame them and put them in my living room. Why Paint? I'm talking about bigger size, like 16x20 size. Good job on clean up. We have way too many books! Have a great weekend.

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

That is a GREAT idea for the frames! I've been wanting to do a photo wall, but the price of frames has been holding me back. I love the idea of spray painting them black! Besides the price, it's sometimes hard to find all the frames I need in the sizes I need.

Alexandra said...

Very impressive. Great job on the game closet. I love the new frames with the flower prints. Thanks for the inspirtion.

The Bearded Iris said...

Awesome job on both of those projects! I have such a hard time letting go of games and toys... but seeing how nice your closet looks after purging is very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

I love those frames! It's such a great idea, i wish i had thought about spray painting before i went out and specially bought all new white ones for my hallway. :o)

Elisabeth said...

Very cute. I didn't know Michaels sold glass. That's a very good tip. Thanks. I love your wall. I have wanted to do something like this but gathering the photos is what's holding me back.

Your game closet looks so much better than mine. I get it organized every now and then and then the kids decide to play with the game on bottom and from there it disintegrates. :(