Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On the Road to Colorado: Day Four

Kansas is a long state with nothing but amber fields of grain!  So we decided to see if there were any roadside attractions to visit along the way.   This is what we found:
 Mushroom Rock State Park
It is the smallest state park in Kansas. It is in the middle of farmland (of course). They are made from Dakota Sandstone.

Matthew had to get to the top of at least
 one of these puppies!

The Next stop is Prairie Dog Town.  This stop reminded me of the possum stop in the Goofy Movie.

 This place is basically a man’s backyard (farm). He rescues animals and keeps them in very clean pens. O’ he has an 8000lb. Prairie dog you can take a picture with. He has trained prairie dog to hang out in the yard buy leaving corn around the holes.
We saw an albino peacock, Russian pigs, goats, donkeys, cows, buffalo, geese……
Yes we paid to go look at his animals. He is just trying to make a living and keep his animals fed and clean.

Our last stop was the Giant Easel in Goodland, KS. Here we found a 24’ x 36’ (FEET) Van Gough painting on a 85’ tall easel. Pretty impressive!

We drove a few more hours and finally saw……………

The rock mountains.

Next time...... Colorado!
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