Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday, Monday......

Today I went looking for bargains. We have a huge Salvation Army Store nearby so I wanted to checkout the kitchenware section for entertaining goodies and to see if I could fine something to use as night stands in our guest room.

I didn’t find and furniture, but I found these:

We don’t have room for end/coffee tables so I thought these trays would work good to put food and drinks on.  See how great it is working for my afternoon snack and read!  I like the idea of up/recycling these items. 

Next I went to a place called Mc Kay’s Used Books.  My son has been telling me about this place for months.  I thought it was a little used book store, with a bunch of old outdated books.  I was SO WRONG!  This place is HUGE.  The cookbook aisle caught my eye and I spent a half hour looking at books.  I grabbed these books for between 3-7 dollars.  Two of them are brand new.  I am in trouble.   I will be going back to that place again for sure!
I love a good bargain!
Have a blessed day.

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