Friday, October 14, 2011

On the Road to Colorado: Day One

Matthew packed up his Prius and we hit the road.
The first state line we hit was West Virginia.

We spent many hours driving over the
 hilly roads of West Virginia. 

Then we came to Kentucky.  We had to stop at the rest area to grab a state sign picture.

We planned a little adventure for each of our days on the road.  Today we went spelunking in Kentucky. 
Better know as caving.

This is the highest concentration of caves in eastern Kentucky.  They were massive and fun to explore!

Water was running along side of me.  Can you see it?

Don't forget to look up, WOW!

Matthew enjoyed climbing all over the rocks.

This is a tiny cave in the natural bridge area.

Can you see the liitle cave I was in?  This place was soooooo cool.
 I took so many more pictures, but I won't bore you with the slide show.  Maybe I will put them up over on my Photography site someday.   Stay tuned for our next adventure tomorrow.
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