Monday, October 24, 2011

Colorado: Warning Tons of beautiful pictures!

While in Colorado we went to
 We were going to drive the
Trail Ridge Road, but it was closed because of snow.  
 So we stayed on the west side of the park. 

We hiked to Adams falls.  It was really pretty.  We continued on the trail to the meadows.  There we saw fabulous views of the mountains.

Then we hit Coyote Valley trail.  We hiked along the Colorado River.  While hiking we had the river to our right and the big meadows to our left. 
We saw all kinds of wild life. 

While walking back to the car a MOOSE walked right across the road!  Michael and I have traveled all over Maine, New Hampshere, Vermont….. hoping to see a moose.  Matthew was with us and he said he was praying right before we saw the moose, asking God to show us a moose not because we want to see one, but to show us His glory.  Then BAM a moose walked right across the road.  He said he had shivers.  Pretty neat!

Next we stopped to look at a cabin.

We think this is a Osprey

Then our last trail was Lulu City.  We only hiked to the river and back.  We saw stream trout and birds in this area.

Elk from very far away.
This was a very beautiful place and we will be coming back to explore the rest of the park.

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