Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Ceremony

Today I will share with you the wonderful ceremony.  Here I am with Matthew before the cermony.  He looks so handsome in his tux!

This is Sarah's Grandma, Margie.

Matthew's Grandma, Miriam came all the way from Portland OR for this special day!

Sarah's brother Jon, walked her down the aisle.
 Matthew watching his bride come down the aisle.

Did I mention there were lots of BUBBLES!  The girls had bubble guns as they danced down the aisle.  So fun.  These dresses are so cute and I just loved the colors.

Chris must have gotten the wrong pants.  A bonus is you can really see those rocking shoes!

Instead of the unity candles of our day, they did unity sand.  I like how it turned out.  And you can keep it forever!

This is my favorite picture.  I hope the photographer got a shot of this! 

Tomorrow I will show you the reception. 

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