Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Cake & Shoe Game

Let me introduce the baker and designer of the wedding cake, Kristin. We have been friends with Kristin and Bob since we lived in Germany.  Our kids played together and Michael and Bob work together again in the civilian world. 

This was such a fun and colorful cake.  Perfect for their carnival themed wedding.

 Thanks Kristin for a beautiful cake!

Another fun thing they did was the shoe game.

Here's what happens:

- in the middle of the dance floor put two chairs back to back.

- Bride and groom take off thier shoes, keep one of their own and give spouse the other shoe.

- bride and groom sit in the middle of the dance floor back to back with the shoes in hand.

- MC then asks a selection of questions.

- bride and groom answer the questions by holding up either their own shoe or their spouses.


Who is the better driver:

Groom holds up his shoe (because he thinks he is the better driver)

Bride holds up her shoe (because SHE thinks she is the better driver)

Who's the first to say sorry?

Who refuses to throw things away?

Who wears the pants in the relationship?

Who apologizes first after an argument?

Who has the wackiest family?

Who do you love the most in the whole wide world.?

You can google the wedding shoe game for the full list of questions.  This was really fun to watch. 

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