Sunday, May 13, 2012

EU Day

Living in the DC area allows us to experience some really fun stuff.  This weekend we attended the EU Open House with Christopher and his girlfriend Kara.
 It is when all the European Union countries open their
embassy doors to the public. 
There were forty open embassies and we visited five.
 First stop POLAND.  Everyone here was so friendly and welcoming.  The building had awesome architectural details.  They gave us free samples of kielbasa and pirogi.  YUMMY!

Next stop SPAIN.  We saw flamingo dancing and walked around their building.  They were selling Spanish cuisine so we skipped eating here.

 On our way to the bus stop we went into LITHAUNIA.  They had a folk music group and free samples of breads and pastries. 

 Then we headed to the SWEDEN.  Since I am of Swedish heritage this one interested me.   The building was located right on the Potomac River.  They had a fun photo booth and games to get a bunch of free things.  We also stopped in their cafe so I could get my fix of Swedish cookies!

Our last stop was the FRANCE.  They were cohosting with GERMANY.  Germany's embassy was being renovated.  We mainly went to the Germany booths.  They were giving out some cool free stuff. 

It was really fun to see the different countries "homes".
  I liked seeing how proud they were
of their customs and cuisine. 
So that was our little trip around Europe.  It was a long but fun day!  We will have to hit some more next year.  If you are local, look out for this event next May!

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