Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hymn & Scripture Challenge

I have been away on vacation.  I am busy sorting through about 1500 pictures from our Alaskan aventures.  So stay tuned for details.
Until then......
 Here are a couple of pages I have been working on to catch up on the Hymn and Scripture Challenge.
I haven't sung this hymn since living up in New York.  It was always sung with great strength and praise.  You can read the devotion here

Below is a more modern version (using a band) of this hymn.  What a great Easter song.

The next hymn is another of my favorites. You can read the devotion here.
With all the changes in my life I find comfort in surrendering everything to the Lord and He will lead me in all that I do.

Below is a video for you to listen to. 
If you want to see all my Hymn pages just hit the tab at the top of my blog.


NickelNook said...

Beautiful pages, Carol! I really like the butterflies scattered across the first music pretty! Wonderful choice of Scripture verses for both pages!
Wow! 1500 photos! It sounds like a few good scrapbook albums are in your future!...Nancy :o)

Donna G. said...

I have just signed up to follow your blog. I am a carmaker also and have used pages of hymns and other songs in my card making. Your cards and very nice!