Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vancouver Day 3

Today was public transportation day.  We grabbed our city map, bought an all day transport pass and headed out to explore the city.

The library building reminded me of the Colosseum.

We went downtown and saw the cathedral and public library. 

Then we hopped on the bus to Granville Island Market. This market reminded me of Seattle’s Public Market.

We had to stop for a crepe.  I LOVE them!

Of course there were a bunch of different variety acts around the market.  This guy was taking so long to get out of his chains that we got bored and left. 

I loved all the colorful fruits and vegetables.

I love how they stacked the fruit!  I just wanted to go pick one from the bottom.  Just kidding;)

We found this guy carving a totem pole!  Very cool.

Then we took the little ferry over to the beach and park area.  We sat on a bench and watched people enjoy the beautiful sunny day. 

Then we hopped a bus, and then a train, and then another bus to get to the Queen Elizabeth Park.
It is located at the highest point in the city.  It had beautiful gardens and trails. 

A view of Vancouver and the mountains, beautiful!

We spent a few hours wandering the trails.  I, of course, spent most of the time taking pictures of flowers.  My hubby is so kind to let me take hundreds of flower pictures.  Thanks goodness for blackberry games, hee hee.... 
After the gardens we headed back to the hotel.  Then it was a long flight back home.  This was an amazing vacation!  Now it is time to plan our next adventure.  Hmmm, where should we go next?

Have a blessed day.

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Nutmeg said...

Wow, wonderful! I have always wanted to see Vancouver!