Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend in Review

I have been visiting with friends up in CNY! 

Stopped by the Atkinson's house to help these ladies make Claires scrapbook.

Jule and De opened their house for me.  We had fun scrapping, quilting, and making cards.  We took breaks to....

go to the county fair and eat my favorite fair food.

I saw this pink John Deer tractor.  Notice the flowers on the tires, cute.

I visited the Teachouts and enjoyed catching up around the bonfire.

Here I am with Adrienne.  We are playing with my photobooth app! 

So when you have a 10 foot fire you have to wear protective eyewear when you roast marshmellows. 
 Vicki is roasting my marshmellow on a 6 foot stick, hee hee.

I am leaving you with this yummy picture of my breakfast at  Tin Pan Galley, in Sacket's Harbor, NY
More to come........  cards, quilt squares, and layouts.

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