Monday, July 29, 2013

Colorado Adventure

On a beautiful Sunday morning, we ventured up the highest road in North America to Mt. Evans. It is the number one thing to do in the Denver area according to TripAdvisor
It was a 14 mile skinny road with no guardrails.  This road is also very popular with cyclists.  I couldn't imagine biking up a mountain.

We had such great weather and could see for miles.

As we got closer to the top we had to keep a look out for mountain goats.  They are popular in this area.  Kara was the first to spot them.  Can you see them in the picture below? 

There were a bunch of them on the side of the mountain.  We drove up a bit so we could climb down to see them.

 I decided to stay near the top and enjoy the view.
I loved all the wild flowers!

 There was a baby goat too!  Soooooo cute!
You will notice the goats were shedding their coat for the summer. It was scattered around and it was very soft.

 We made it to the top (of the road)!

 But you can climb up 1/4 mile more to the tippy top of the mountain.  The air was thin up there and it seemed like a lot farther to me.

On top of each mountain higher than 14,000ft, there is a cache with a cardboard sign.  The kids climbed to the highest rock for the picture!  It was a bit windy.

 The goat and its baby were right next to road on the way down!  
We stopped to stretch our legs at the 
lake at the bottom of the road.  

It was fun to spend the day with Christopher and Kara!  We are so happy he has found a special girl to spend the rest of his life with.   We are sure they will have some great adventures during their married life together.  

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