Saturday, July 27, 2013

Colorado Vacation Day 2

Today we took a trip to Rock Mountain National Park.  
We lest the foothills of Denver and 
headed to the mountains.

 We stopped to take a picture of a sign and found tons of chipmunks hanging out in the rocks.  This little guy was enjoying a chip.  Yes, I know you shouldn't feed them.  But the chip was thrown before I could stop the culprit.

 We stopped at a lake so Michael could get in some fishing and I could relax in my hammock.

 I had some great views from my hammock.  I take this hammock where ever we travel.  It smooshes down into that tiny bag in the picture.  All I need are two trees and I am a happy girl.

Michael enjoying the cool waters!
 We made it to the national park. 
 We have visited here before, 
but the Trail Ridge Road was closed due 
to snowfall.  So we came back in warmer 
weather to drive the entire road!  

 As we entered the park, we saw cars parked on the side of the road.  We knew that meant a wildlife sighting.  It was an elk.  He was a big guy!  Look at that rack!
Then the sunshine went away and the clouds rolled in.  It happened so fast, so we climbed in our car and hoped it would blow over as fast as it blew in.

We drove to the top of the mountains in the pouring rain.  At the top the rain slowed down to a drizzle so we got out at an overlook area. 
As you can see we are above the tree line.  We saw a heard of elk down in the valley.

Flower?  Weed?
Since the rain seemed to settle down we were able to enjoy the stops along the road. 
Also the temperature up here was only 47 degrees, brrrrrrr.  It sure did beat the heat in Denver!  

 Next stop was at the Continental Divide.  

We stopped at this mountain lake to stretch our legs.

O' and fish for a bit too!
 Our next stop on the road was Lake Irene.  
This was a short trail around a lake.

Yes, he through his line into the water all around the lake. It was a beautiful little area.  So peaceful with the raindrops falling on the water.  

This little guy was grazing along the trail.  We didn't seem to bother him at all.
At the end of the lake was this awesome view of the valley.

 Next stop was the Coyote Valley Trail.  We had stopped here the last time we visited the park.  This is the are we saw our moose.  He wasn't hanging around the area, so can you guess what we did?????
Look closely.....

Yup, you could see the trout swimming in this stream.  He was finally successful in catching some fish.   

 The water was so cool and clear, beautiful!

 After having fun catching all the trout, we decided to call it a day and head back to Denver.  
 We saw a group of cars just down the road and you know was that means....... WILDLIFE! 
 We pulled over and there was a MOOSE grazing along the river we were just fishing in.

 He was pretty far away so my pictures are a bit blurry.  But it was neat to catch a glimpse of it.

You can read about and see the moose from our previous trip to the park, on my other post HERE
 As we were heading into town we saw these little Marmots.  

Well, that was a real fun day, even if it rained for the majority of it.  After living in Seattle we have learned to just embrace the weather and enjoy the day!

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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