Sunday, July 28, 2013

Colorado Vacation Day 3

 Today the men went golfing and I headed to the Botanic Gardens in downtown Denver.  I love to walk around gardens and take millions of pictures of flowers.  

 I spent a few hours wandering around the grounds.  They had a lot of little gardens and trails to check out.

Sorry for the over load of flower pictures, but I can't get enough of them.  This is just a small sampling of my pictures. 

One of my favorite spaces was the Monet water gardens.  
I really like the water lilies and the the reflections they made in the water. 

If your ever in the Denver area check out this beautiful place. 
  In the evening we took in a game at Coors Field.  We watched the Rockies play our beloved Cubbies!
 The kids wore the Rockies purple and we 
represented with our CUBS blue!
 Out in center field they had a forested area with fountains!

But the best part of the evening was that the Cubs WON! 

Thanks for stopping by!
Our next adventure will be a drive to 
tallest mountain on the continent.

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