Friday, July 12, 2013

Wedding Week!

 It is wedding week in the scraproom.  I made the title page for Matthew's and Sarah's Wedding album.  This is one of my favorite photos of them on their special day.  
I love when I find the perfect paper for pictures.  When I found this carnival paper I knew exactly what I was going to us it for.  I love all these pictures! 

 Not sure why I printed all these dancing pictures, so I used my pocket pages to get them into the album fast!  

OK, now onto a new project I am working on.  I was digging through a box and I found the proofs from MY wedding.  Back in the day of film, photographers gave you a stack of pictures to look through and choose the ones you wanted to print.  All of those pictures are sealed in an album.  So I decided to make a fun smashbook from the leftover prints.
I began the album with two pictures of us as kids.  I can't believe I am sharing this online,ugh.  I look like such a dork.  It was the 70's and I bet I thought I looked fab!

Sorry for the blur, phone camera!
 Look at us, were in a glass!  Boy the technology was so awesome back then!

I don't think I have enough pictures to fill the book,  
so I am thinking I may add a few of my kids 
wedding pictures to this book also.  

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Have a blessed day!

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